10 MM – P10 SMD Outdoor LED Display

Our P10 SMD Outdoor LED Display is a robust outdoor visual solution designed for maximum impact. This LED display offers a remarkable brightness that ensures your content remains visible even under direct sunlight. Its pixel configuration strikes an optimal balance between resolution and cost, ensuring your content is always clear and engaging. Despite its high-performance features, it is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With a wide viewing angle, your content will be seen from various directions. Additionally, its weatherproof design and easy maintenance make it an excellent choice for outdoor advertising, stadium screens, and public area displays.


Features & Specifications

  • In order to avoid the potential defects present in design and production, we conduct a series of reliability tests such as the electronic performance test for semi-finished and finished products, the anti-dust test, the waterproof test, the vibration test and thermal shock test, etc. before displays leaves our manufacturing plant.
  • SMD technology consumes less power then traditional DIP displays
  • SMD viewing angle is the same (>120°) horizontally and vertically. allowing for optimal
    viewing from any position.
  • One of the biggest advantages of SMD vs DIP is that SMD displays have the advantage of:
    • the color output is more vivid and crisper and truer to the intended color along with better color uniformity.
    • SMD displays are lighter in weight compared to DIP displays.
  • P6.67, 8 & 10 stands for the distance between LED’s in Millimeters, the smaller the number the higher the resolution.
  • Modular Panels mean that we can create any standard size and many custom sizes!
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