Emergency Light Remote Head

Remote Head Emergency Light

The emergency light remote head is a piece of emergency lighting fixture connected to exit sign or emergency light. The purpose of installing a remote head emergency light is to meet the need for emergency lighting in areas where other emergency lights cannot be used. In addition, the remote head lights up landing areas of exit doors in case of power outages, and other emergencies. The lighting fixture to which it is connected is often referred to as a ‘primary emergency light’. Remote head lights can also be connected to an exit sign light. Primary emergency lights should be compatible. Remote head lights receive power supply from primary emergency lights.

We manufacture and wholesale plastic remote heads that are lightweight and sturdy. One of the benefits associated with the plastic material is that it does not rust. So our remote heads will not rust or corrode. Plastic remote heads are also suitable for applications in areas like swimming pools where metal can corrode. Our emergency light remote heads are easy to install.


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