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9 Watt, 11 Watt, 15 Watt – LED Bulb from Havells India

The ‘Adore LED’ lamp from Havells has made a mark in the market because of its unique features. Property owners and managers in several types of facilities have chosen this LED lamp to fulfill their lighting needs. They trust the quality standards that Havells follows while designing and manufacturing their products.

Therefore, there could have been no better option than the Adore LED lamp to begin our fruitful association with Havells. This LED lamp offers three different options for wattage – 9W, 11W, and 15W. Each wattage option has three color temperature choices, namely 3K, 4K, and 5K. The lamp is dimmable and, hence, can be utilized in versatile scenarios.

APPLICATIONS:  • Educational Institution • Healthcare Facilities • Residential Areas Industrial • Spaces • Office Space • Retail Stores


Built to cater to the lighting needs in various applications, the Adore LED lamp has a multitude of advantages over other alternatives in both LED and non-LED lighting product segments. Along with being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, the Adore LED lamp also delivers exceptional performance.

Thus, the lamp provides better illumination at a reduced cost. It is ideal for numerous types of environments. The Adore LED lamp can make any space look pleasant, thereby creating a welcoming and positive environment for both occupants and visitors.

As the lamp has a high color-rendering index of 80, every object gets illuminated in its original color. This LED lighting product offers outstanding visibility for all kinds of areas. The 9W lamp has a lumen output of 800 lumens, whereas the 11W lamp has a lumen output of 1100 lumens. The lumen output of the 15W lamp is 1500 lumens. The lamp has an IP20 rating, so it is resistant to dust as well as objects up to 12mm. It is also sturdy, lightweight, and stylish.

The Adore LED lamp ranks high not just in terms of quality but also convenience. It is compatible with standard E26 lamp holders. The lamp allows for easy and fast installation. Moreover, it eliminates the hassle of replacement since it has a long lifespan. The average rated life of the Adore LED lamp is 12000 hours. With no warm-up time, this LED lamp offers a wide beam angle. Thus, all areas get an even amount of illumination.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Adore LED lamp adheres to UL 1993, the UL standard set for self-ballasted lamps and lamp adapters. It also conforms to the CSA standard C22.2 No. 1993. The LED lighting product also holds the ETL and FCC certification. The Adore LED lamp comes with a warranty of two years.


A19-9W3K 80 3000 K 800 lm 89 lm/W 9W 12000
A19-9W4K 80 4000 K 800 lm 89 lm/W 9W 12000
A19-9W5K 80 5000 K 800 lm 89 lm/W 9W 12000
A19-11W3K 80 3000 K 1100 lm 100 lm/W 11W 12000
A19-11W4K 80 4000 K 1100 lm 100 lm/W 11W 12000
A19-11W5K 80 5000 K 1100 lm 100 lm/W 11W 12000
A19-15W3K 80 3000 K 1500 lm 100 lm/W 15W 12000
A19-15W4K 80 4000 K 1500 lm 100 lm/W 15W 12000
A19-15W5K 80 5000 K 1500 lm 100 lm/W 15W 12000

Features & Specifications

  • Energy-efficient lighting solution for reduced electricity consumption.
  • Durable construction for reliable performance and low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful substances like mercury.
  • High color rendering index (CRI) for accurate and vibrant lighting.
  • Instant and flicker-free illumination for immediate brightness.
  • Easy installation and compatibility with standard E26 Holders.
  • Long lifespan for extended usage and cost savings.
  • Wide beam angle for uniform lighting distribution.
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