LED Panel Lights Backlit

Backlit panels are the most aesthetically pleasing ceiling lights for drop ceiling styles. It comes in 2×2, 1×4 and 2×4 sizes. Easy to install, looks clean and dimmable, CCT tunable, Watt tunable feature makes them one fit for all. The UV-protected diffuser enhances their longevity and shields them from yellowing over time. they are coming in a pack of 4 and also eligible for duke energy rebate. it sits on the ceiling grid. these are best fit for any large or small building or business. can be used in office, hospitals, church, retails, hotels, schools, restaurants, industrial and commercial facilities.

Application: Hotels, Meeting Rooms, Factories, Offices, Car Park Area, Schools, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Railway Stations & Airports.


CCT Tunable Panels Wholesaler in Southeast USA

CCT Tunable Panels are a popular fixture in the array of LED lights. CCT means ‘CO RELATED COLOUR TEMPERATURE’ and the name explains it’s features and unique selling point easily.

Krut LED stands as a prominent wholesaler of CCT Tunable Panels in Southeast USA, serving customers across the entire country.

The basic features of this LED Light Fixture are same to the other Tunable LED fixtures like the Disk etc. “Convenient Light”  is the name it should be referred to as, since it is ready to change Brightness and Colour as per the user’s mood and requirement. The color transitions from cool white to warm white, and the brightness in lumens varies accordingly.

A key advantage is that these lights come with remote control functionality, ensuring total convenience for the user.

As a user, Imagine how wonderful it can be. A Little Brighter at Dinner, Dimming it down in tune with the music after Dinner, increasing Brightness and changing Colour while Reading a Newspaper and so on.

Our CCT Tunable Panels are UL and DLC certified which makes them panels of a high standard, in addition to that, they come with 5 years warranty. Krut LED’s CCT Tunable Panels are ideally suited for a variety of spaces such as car park areas, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, factories, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, airports, and railway stations due to their exceptional light uniformity.

Buy CCT Tunable Panels in USA

Krut LED is the most reliable CCT Tunable Panels Wholesaler in Cities of South Carolina like Sumter, Anderson, Florence, Spartanburg, Greenville, and Cities of North Carolina like Wilmington, Durham, Winston Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Asheville not only these cities, we cover wide supply chain across USA with our customer base for wholesale CCT Tunable Panels.

So go ahead and connect with Krut LED and  Order these fascinating CCT Tunable Lights from Krut LED.


KLBRFPL10W11-XX >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 1100-1250 LM 100–125 LM/W 10 50,000 Hrs
KLBRFPL32W14-XX >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 3520- 4000 LM 100–125 LM/W 32 50,000 Hrs
KLHV-36W-XXXX >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 4320 LM 120 LM/W 36 50,000 Hrs
KLHV-50W-XXXX >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 5700-6000 LM 120 LM/W 50 50,000 Hrs

Features & Specifications

  • UL and DLC certification
  • Perfect light Uniformity
  • 5 years warranty
  • Powder-coated CRCA, colour close to RAL 9003 Housing
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Energy-saving & Super bright
Additional Options
Max Lumens

5700-6000 LM

Min Lumens

1100-1250 LM

Color Temperatures

4000-5000 K

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