LED Parking lot lights

LED Parking Lot Lights feature an architectural design, providing uniformity across multiple wattages. These well-designed lights use the best drivers, and Type 4 lenses, and come with multiple brackets for better adjustment and easy installation. They provide a luminous flux range from 14,000 to 56,000 lumens, available in 5000K color temperature. Color options include bronze and black, with white available upon order. Both low voltage (100-277V) and high voltage (200-480V) options are available in stock. Additionally, a photocell option is available.

Ideal for lighting general outdoor, wet location and commercial area lighting.

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HV (High Voltage) LED Parking Lights Wholesaler in South East USA

As a prominent wholesaler of HV (High Voltage) LED Parking Lights in the South East USA, we understand the importance of well-lit parking spaces. Whether they’re in residential complexes, high-rise apartments, malls, shopping strips, amusement parks, or entertainment parks, these spaces play a critical role in the inflow of business.

The safety and security of customer vehicles are ensured by our impeccable lighting solutions, complemented by additional features such as surveillance cameras and on-site personnel.

No wonder then, why KRUT LED gives so much impetus on this LED Lighting Fixture and is easily amongst the Biggest HV ( High Voltage ) LED Parking Lights Wholesalers in South East USA, with Buyers spanning the entire length and breadth of USA.

At KRUT LED, our two fundamental principles are ‘Stocked to Satisfy’ and ‘Ready to Deliver.’ We always maintain a ready stock of HV LED parking lights, giving our business partners – stockists, distributors, and dealers – the confidence to place orders with the assurance of quick delivery.

So, No Surprise that KRUT LED leads the pack of HV LED Parking Lights Wholesalers in South East USA.


KLTL-80SB >70 5000 K 10,000 LM 125 lm/W 80 50000 Hrs
KLTL-100SB >70 5000 K 13,500 LM 135 lm/W 100 50000 Hrs
KLTL-150SB >70 5000 K 20,200 LM 135 lm/W 150 50000 Hrs
KLTL-200SB >70 5000 K 27,000 LM 135 lm/W 200 50000 Hrs
KLTL-240SB >70 5000 K 32,400 LM 135 lm/W 240 50000 Hrs
KLTL-300SB >70 5000 K 40,500 LM 135 lm/W 300 50000 Hrs
KLTL-350SB COMING SOON - - - 350 -
KLTL-450SB >70 5000 K 54,000-60,750 LM 120-135 lm/W 450 50000 Hrs

Features & Specifications

  • 5 years warranty
  • Mount to square poles, round poles or wall etc.
  • Die cast Aluminium housing
  • Silicon gaskets
  • Voltage: 120-277 Volt standard
  • 277-480 High voltage option Available
  • Photocell option Available
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