LED Puff Light – a Decorative Lighting Solution

Our LED Puff Lights, also known as round decorative moonlights, offer a versatile lighting solution suitable for a variety of settings. Ideal for guest room entry spaces, bathrooms, outdoor vanity areas, or as ceiling lights in apartments, these lights provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Being damp location rated and Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) tunable, they offer both durability and versatility in usage.

Applications: Offices, hotels, residential or commercial properties, decorative indoor luminaires


CCT Tunable Puff Lights Wholesaler In South East USA

When searching for a CCT Tunable Puff Lights Wholesaler in the entire South East USA, look no further than KRUT LED. We are renowned leaders in the distribution of these widely used fixtures in the range of LED Lights.

CCT, standing for ‘Color Correlated Temperature’, elucidates the unique selling point of this LED light fixture. This feature allows the light to adjust its color temperature from cool white to warm white, accommodating the user’s mood and lighting requirements. In addition, the brightness lumens also change in sync with the color changes, making these lights truly customizable and user-friendly.

A standout feature of these tunable puff lights is their remote controllability, providing complete convenience and flexibility to the user. Whether you require a brighter light for dinner, a dimmer ambiance in tune with post-dinner music, or a change in brightness and color for reading, these lights are ready to adjust to your needs.

So, connect with KRUT LED to order these fascinating CCT Puff Lights and experience the best in lighting solutions.


KL14SDLXX121 >90 3000K, 4000K, 5000K 1100 LM 72 Lm/W 14 25000 Hrs
KL22SDLXX15I >90 3000K, 4000K, 5000K 1500 LM 79 Lm/W 22 25000 Hrs

Features & Specifications

  • Unique design
  • Rebate is available.
  • 25000h long life time, 5 years warranty term.
Additional Options
Max Lumens

1100 LM

Min Lumens

1500 LM

Color Temperatures

2700K - 5000K

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