LED T8 Tube light

These are G13, two-pin retrofit lamps designed for existing fixtures. They require a ballast to be bypassed and have power connections at both ends – neutral on one end and line on the other. These lights are an ideal fit for various fixtures including vanity and stairs, storage rooms, and unattended spaces within the building such as electrical and mechanical rooms.

Office Lighting, Education Facility Lighting, Airport and Station Lighting, Other Commercial Applications.


LED Tubes Retrofit Wholesale Distributor in South Carolina USA.

Krut LED holds a pivotal position in the Southeast USA, particularly as wholesalers and distributors of LED Tubes Retrofit.

LED Tubes have multiple and multifaceted applications, almost in every space of human usage. Led Tubes come in handy when more light is needed e.g. Big Offices, Education Campuses, Airports, Railway Stations, Malls & Retail Spaces. The Clear and Bright Light emitted by the Diodes helps in correctly lighting up the Space of work and ensures smooth functioning in Public Spaces specially.

Krut LED offers a range of LED Tubes, including Rotating End Tubes, Fixture Tubes, T8 Tubes, each with its unique selling points. The Rotating ends LED Tube lights can be rotated and arranged at a particular angle for efficient and effective lighting. The Fixture Tube lights can be connected up to 48 Ft. with a Single Power Feed, which really is crucial in vast Spaces. These lights come in a wide range of Length, as required by the Customer.

Krut LED is undoubtedly a leading name in this segment in Southeast USA.

Get your LED Tube Retrofit from Krut LED as we are the top-rated LED Tubes retrofit wholesale distributors. committed to delivery of the best and most innovative LED Tubes for our customers in Cities of South Carolina like Florence, Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Sumter and Cities of North Carolina like Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Asheville, Fayetteville not only these cities, we cover wide supply chain across USA with our huge customer base for wholesale LED Tube Retrofit.  

Unique Selling Points (USPs): :

  • Multiple Usage Options
  • Easy to Install
  • Rotation Option
  • Long Light Life
  • Clean & Clear Light
  • Best Pricing


KLAT10T8XK2F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 1200 LM 120 lm/w 10 50,000 Hrs
KLAT15T8XK2.5F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 1800 LM 120 lm/w 15 50,000 Hrs
KLAT15T8XK3F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 1800 LM 120 lm/w 15 50,000 Hrs
KLAT18T8XK3.5F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 2160 LM 120 lm/w 18 50,000 Hrs
KLAT18T8XK4F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 2160 LM 120 lm/w 18 50,000 Hrs
KLAT40T8XK8F >80 Ra 4000-5000 K 4800 LM 120 lm/w 4 50,000 Hrs

Features & Specifications

  • UL Certification
  • No UV emission
  • Suitable for damp or dry environments
  • Mercury and lead free
  • End to end mounting and wiring
  • 80% more energy saving compared with traditional lamps
  • Uniformity lighting distribution
  • Connection: G13, Rotatable Option, One end Input Available.
Additional Options
Max Lumens

4800 LM

Min Lumens

1200 LM

Color Temperatures

4000-5000 K

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