Emergency and Exit Sign Lighting

Emergency & Exit Sign Lighting

We offer impeccable solutions for emergency lighting and exit sign lighting. Our products have been made with reliable materials. We have conducted several tests during and after the manufacturing process to make sure that our products are safe, dependable, and effective.

Emergency exit sign lighting is a crucial component of the lighting system of a building. National and local safety codes mandate the installation of emergency lights and emergency exit signs within various types of premises. We manufacture LED-based exit and emergency lighting fixtures. Exit sign lights and emergency lights provide a means of egress to the occupants of a building.

Emergency lights are a must to help people evacuate the premises in a safe and quick manner during unfavorable or hazardous situations. They are ideal to light up corridors, hallways, walkways, aisles, stairs, ramps, and other areas that are a part of the means of egress. Emergency exit only sign, emergency exit sign, and fire exit sign are some of the signs that are installed at different places throughout the emergency evacuation path. Illuminated exit signs have a battery backup that makes the signs stay lit even when the main power goes out.

Exit Sign with Emergency Light

An exit sign powered with LED lights can make commercial and industrial spaces safe for the occupants. Even the national laws require the building managers to have a well-functioning emergency lighting system. The system comprises several lights installed strategically at important places throughout the building. It also includes exit sign lights. Ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted exit signs made from high-quality material and illuminated with long-lasting LED lights can ensure regulatory compliance.

Emergency exit lights with battery backup can improve safety in buildings. A battery backup supplies power to the LED emergency light and exit sign light in the case of a power outage or failure. With the help of a battery backup, emergency lights work for at least 90 minutes when the electricity is cut off.

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