LED Indoor Lights

Wholesale Indoor Lighting in South Carolina USA

Krut LED revolutionizes indoor illumination, offering a vast range of superior quality indoor lighting products. As a prominent player in the wholesale indoor lighting market across the Southeast USA, Krut LED has a broad customer base nationwide.

LED lights are globally popular, particularly for indoor lighting, owing to their primary feature – emission of cool light. Led lights do not emit heat which makes them very user friendly in comparison to the Incandescent lamps and CFL’s.

LED Lights emit minimal heat, use minimal power and are easy on the pocket both in terms of Purchasing and later on during their usage, as they consume nearly 70% less power, which means minimum Light Bill, so it’s going to be your best decision to purchase wholesale indoor lighting from Krut LED, as we’re one of the leading lighting wholesalers in South Carolina.

Distinctively not made in China, Krut LED Lights assure reliable performance, with a guaranteed minimum work life of 50,000 hours.

Wholesale indoor lighting is a key product line for Krut LED, offering a broad selection of fixtures designed for diverse locations and uses.… Highbay Panel Lights, Highbay Round Lights, Panel Lights, Tubes, Bulbs & Linear Fixtures are the fast selling Led lights of Krut Led. 

KRUT LED has established a strategic partnership with DUKE ENERGY, aimed at helping Duke Energy commercial customers minimize their initial LED costs. DUKE ENERGY gives a substantial amount as Rebate, in some cases upto 75 % of the Product Cost in Panel, Highbay and some Outdoor Lighting.

LED Highbay Lights are successfully in operation in Manufacturing Units, Warehouses, Garages, Retail Spaces, Gyms etc. Highbay Lights mainly have Two shape options – Panel & Round.

At Krut LED we have an exclusive range of Wholesale Indoor Lighting products

Our collection is inspired by the latest designs, boasting high-lumen output suitable for commercial spaces. Our Wholesale Indoor Lightings are best to use in Hotels, Meeting Rooms, Factories, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Railway Stations & Airports, Luminaries for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces, Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers and many other commercial places.

We offer our Wholesale indoor lighting in Cities of South Carolina like Florence, Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Sumter and Cities of North Carolina like Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Asheville, Fayetteville not only these cities, we cover wide supply chain across USA with our huge customer base for wholesale indoor lighting.

We offer a wide range of indoor lighting fixtures including:
  • Highbay Round / Highbay Panel
  • Strip Vanity
  • Vapor Tight
  • Wraparound
  • Batten
  • Tubes, Bulbs
  • Linear 
  • Troffer Lights
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Krut LED, LLC. carries unique and innovative LED Products designed for ease of installation, longer life and better performance. We carry enough inventory to assure that we can quickly fill your order(s) with our certified products offered at competitive prices.