Sign Tubes

Sign tubes are essential for outdoor advertising and signage lights. Krut LED, as a leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of LED Sign Lamps in the USA, provides double-sided LED retrofit sign lamps in bulk. Our sign lamps are super bright, efficient, require low energy consumption, and are maintenance-free. Suitable for Pylon & Monument Signs, they offer wider illumination making them an ideal lighting solution.

Unique Design

Our LED sign lamps are uniquely designed, UL Listed, and patented. They feature the fastest and easiest retrofit system for LED Signs ever developed. They are UL 48 Listed, 3 AM Listed, and rated IP 65 for outdoor use.

Multiple Packing Options

We understand every job requirement is different, and so we offer our LED sign lamps packed in quantities of 4, 10, or 15 units.

Eye-Catching Signage

Our LED sign lamps, available in a cool white color temperature of 6000K, are perfect for any commercial space with a storefront. Once installed, they offer years of illumination due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. They are a great investment compared to traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs.

Widespread Supply

Krut LED is a leading supplier of UL Certified bulk LED sign lamps in various cities across South Carolina and North Carolina. We cover a wide supply chain across the USA with our huge customer base for wholesale LED sign lamps.

We encourage suppliers, retailers, and stockists to buy our double-sided LED retrofit sign lamps in bulk due to their high demand across the USA.

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Krut LED, LLC. carries unique and innovative LED Products designed for ease of installation, longer life and better performance. We carry enough inventory to assure that we can quickly fill your order(s) with our certified products offered at competitive prices.